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  •  Personal program according to your needs and target
  • Lower your body fat composition
  • Increase strength, stamina and flexibility
  • Increase energy levels
  • Learn how to train safe and effective
  • Boost your metabolism
  • And  much more...

Option 1


12 personal sessions

body fat measurement  

body measurements

nutrition plan from qualified dietician

fitness program according to your personal needs

Option 2:



All of option 1

2 times per week vacu step






Our personal trainers



After training for many years on my own, personal training at Reflex Gym is a totally new experience for me. My personal trainer Savvas is a very good motivator and it push always to new achievement. Training with Savvas is always a new journey to exercise and I never become bored.

Here are some facts: When i start training i was 95kg with 30.1% body fat. After 2 months of training I drop my weight to 91kg but I managed to decrease my body fat levels to 22.3%.

My body fat mass was decreased from 28.6kg to 20.3kg and my muscle mass increased from 66.4kg to 70.7kg

As a result the whole change in my body was 12.6kg because I decrease my fat 8.3kg and gained 4.3kg muscle mass.


After book an appointment to discus my case i immediately realized his professionalism and i engaged Savvas as my personal trainer. I am so pleased that I did. My fitness has improved massively, muscle mass and most importantly tone is 100% better. I have lost body fat and have achieved a core strength I never thought possible in my mid thirties. I feel better fitness wise than I did in my twenties and have achieved and exceeded my initial fitness goals. Savvas is up to date with what's happening in the fitness industry so keeps things interesting and I remain motivated always.

Natalia B.

Because of some medical issues, personal training was a natural choice for me. I have been working out with Savvas for a year and i need to say he is the best personal trainer i ever had. He is funny, committed, patient and he is also a perfectionist. He always makes sure that you do the exercises right, pushes you if he knows you can do more but also gives you a break when needed.

I have lost 10kg, gained muscle mass and i feel much better with my body. There is still work to do, but i believe that with Savvas its achievable.


Άρχισα να κάνω personal πριν λίγο καιρό. Τα αποτελέσματα ήταν θεαματικά, άλλαξε το σώμα μου, η ψυχική μου διάθεση και είμαι όλο ενέργεια. Είμαι συνέχεια κάτω από την επίβλεψη του Σάββα, δίνοντας μου συνεχώς τις σωστές οδηγίες και το κατάλληλο πρόγραμμα με βοήθησε να αλλάξω το σώμα μου. Όλα είναι τέλεια. Τώρα έχω καταλάβει τι σημαίνει να κάνεις personal training με τον Σάββα.

Steve B.

Fortunate to retire young and having decided to change my stressful and unhealthy lifestyle, I relocated from Dubai to Cyprus.

I spent time visiting numerous gym’s to identify one which was not only welcoming but also one that its personnel could understand my needs and have the ability to create and execute a plan that would deliver the results I wanted. From the moment I entered Reflex Gym in Larnaca I knew I was on the right track !

Sophia on reception was not only friendly but was also very knowledgeable, she introduced me to Savvas, the gym owner.

Savvas and I chatted for almost an hour, there was no “heavy sell” and having listened to my needs, invited me to attend a class or two for free with no commitment.

Having took him up on his offer we both identified (quickly) that not only was my fitness level very low, I was weak and had very little endurance !

After taking a detailed analysis of my body composition Savvas put a detailed plan in place and we began executing, slow at first and always monitoring my vital stats to ensure my safety during training, after only a few weeks I felt a difference, the sessions never got easier in fact they became more intense but I was recovering quicker and being pushed harder to maximize my output during each session.

During this first phase we worked hard to reduce my body fat and increase general strength, the results were amazing, my body fat percentage dropped from 23% to 18% (almost 5kgs of fat lost) with his guidance on diet I actually maintained my body weight which was important to me as I have a “small frame” (gained 5kg of lean muscle). I participated in The Legion Run, for me this was an enormous achievement as I had did literally no physical exercise for around 15 years.

We are now on phase two, strength, I am constantly improving personal bests on all exercises  across the full range of muscle groups, I am  feeling stronger, fitter and healthier that I have for many, many years.

I recently had to return to Dubai, my friends and ex colleagues were blown away with the physical changes. (some even said I look 15 years younger)

Savvas is a highly skilled trainer and exceptional motivator, the gym users are all very friendly (I am making many new friends) Reflex Gym has surpassed all my expectations !